Josiah Bruner.

About Me

Security engineer at
doing holistic security engineering. Previously a security engineer at
(primarily supporting Duo Security)
, working on product security. Also worked on vehicle product security at
Harman International
(a Samsung Company)

At a high-level, I'm fascinated with the difficulties of complex systems. Specifically, my interests include:
I have a masters in
computer science
(focus on computing systems)
at Georgia Tech which I received in 2021.

I graduated with a bachelors of science and engineering in computer science from
The University of Michigan
(Ann Arbor)
in 2018. If you're interested in the courses I took, and what I thought of them, see courses.

During my undergraduate years I interned at
Lear Corporation
(Global automotive computer security)
as a security engineering intern. I also worked at
Harman International
(Navigation for automotive)
as a software engineering intern.

My Stuff


My Resume
My (new) Blog
My GitHub Profile
My Bugzilla Profile Representing My Mozilla Work.
My Summary Notes for an Undergrad Computer Security Course (EECS 388 at The University of Michigan)
My Summary Notes for a Graduate Computing Systems Security Course (CS6238 at Georgia Tech)
My SOP for Georgia Tech's OMSCS program. (I was accepted)


I'm also a musician. Check out some of my work at music.josiahbruner.com.

My Recommendations

Here are some things I find especially interesting:

Research papers