Josiah Bruner.

About Me

Hi, I'm Josiah. I'm an undergrad student at the
University of Michigan
(Ann Arbor)
, primarily interested in
computer security
(Specifically: Automotive computer security and intelligent systems security)
. I have lots of experience in
software engineering
(Automotive, Web, Desktop)
as well.

I presently work at
Lear Corporation
(Global automotive computer security)
as a Cyber Security Engineering Intern. Previously I worked as a Software Engineering Intern at
Harman International
(Navigation for automotive)
and was a volunteer developer for
The Mozilla Foundation
, where I focused mainly on OS X Components for Firefox for a time and then became a theme peer for Thunderbird and worked on the frontend and UX

Sometimes I do software-consulting-like work for
Lathrup Industries
(In-house software and database development)

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Summary Notes on Computer Security


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Essays/Papers/Books I've Read (and enjoyed)

Computer Security

"Adventures in Automotive Networks and Control Units" - Dr. Charlie Miller & Chris Valasek
"Car Hacking: For Poories" - Dr. Charlie Miller & Chris Valasek
"A Survey of Remote Automotive Attack Surfaces" - Dr. Charlie Miller & Chris Valasek
"Remote Exploitation of an Unaltered Passenger Vehicle" - Dr. Charlie Miller & Chris Valasek
"CAN Message Injection" - Dr. Charlie Miller & Chris Valasek
"Experimental Security Analysis of a Modern Automobile" - Koscher et al.
"Comprehensive Experimental Analyses of Automotive Attack Surfaces" - Koscher & Checkoway et al.
"A Vulnerability in Modern Automotive Standards and How We Exploited It" - Trend Micro

Software Engineering

"The Humble Programmer" - Edsger W. Dijkstra