Josiah Bruner.

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Hi, I'm Josiah. I'm a CS and Data Science student at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, primarily interested in low-level
CS applications.
(Specifically: Artifical Intelligence, Systems Programming, Machine Learning, and Programming Languages)
and of course analyzing data. Ironicly though, I have lots of experience in high-level
web techniques
as well. I currently work as a software developer at
Lathrup Industries
(I work mostly on stuff to improve procedural efficency. QuickBase for Database, AutoCad Plugins for engineering development, Windows apps, and more)
and I'm a Software Engineering Intern at
Harman International
(I work on Navigation)
. Previously I was a volunteer developer for
The Mozilla Foundation
, where I focused mainly on OS X Components for Firefox for a time and then became a theme peer for Thunderbird and worked on the frontend and UX
. I like learning new languages, and at the time I have used: C, C++, Rust,
(and JQuery and friends)
, Java, Objective-C, Python, and Matlab. I tend to be a very logical skeptic, but like to believe I'm a generally nice guy. As hobbies go, I play in a
(Indie Rock/Pop, Harbor Lights)
and try to find time to hang with friends.


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"The Humble Programmer" - Edsger W. Dijkstra